Where do we come from ?

We come from ancient European root. One can say from the outset we belong to four main branches: the one in Great Britain uses the name Archibald, the second, in Germany, is named Arkambald, the third, in Italy, is where the most famous carrier of the name is a painter of the Renaissance, Arcimboldo (1527-1593). Finally, of course, the one in France where our patronymic is written in different ways such as Archambaut, Archambaud, Archambeau, Archam-bault, Archambeault; however they are written, they all derive from the same origin.

One will often find the name in the monasteries' charters of Haut-Poitou towards the end of the VIII th century until the middle of the XIII th century, but most often without giving any hint on how to distinguish the patronymic from the Christian name.

It is also an ancient chivalrous name. In the X th century, Archambault 1 st added his name to that of Bourbon, hence the formation of both the royal family and the town of Bourbon-L'Archambault (Allier), which became a famous thermal station in the center of France.

For more than thirty years, Mr. de Talleyrand-Périgord (1754-1838) did take the waters from the station's spa. This man who was nicknamed “the lamed devil” not only had a brother whose Christian name was Archambault, but, he also had in his ancestral lineage an ancient branch by the name of Archambaud, Counts of Périgord up to 1440.

On the other hand, in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Meaux, Loudun and Bordeaux, many families of merchants, lieutenants of galleys, officers of the royal family were named Archambault and displayed the Blasons, which we know the heraldic descriptions. Whatever it may well be, in Poitou, Archambault is prominent since the XIII th century.
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