It is not a secret for anyone that since the quiet Revolution in Québec and the international liberation of morals, the explosion of the traditional family has accelerated itself. There are no longer any more big paternal homes. The elderly people are placed, out of the way in rest homes. The uncle from the US rarely visits his nephews in Québec. People no longer know the families that they are born into. The young ones who are deprived of traditions and familiar surroundings wonder about their inheritance and their future. Whence the importance of the gatherings that are organized by the associations of families.

Born in January 1983, the Association of Les Archambault d'Amérique has for main goal the desire to establish and maintain hearty contacts between the descendants of their common ancestor. Thanks to the numerous demonstrations that it was able to hold, the Association has searched to restore the true sense of the family - certainly, without any proselytism, - and to compensate in every possible way the disappearance of big family gatherings. Thanks to whom celebrations were not entirely lost for parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, and cousins.

We invite you to join our family association, and to actively participate at its reunions, its outings, and its periodic celebrations held yearly.

The advantages of joining the Association

· You will receive our bulletin of liaison, which is published three times a year;
· You are more than welcome to our different social and cultural activities ;
· You have the possibility to discover the history of your family, your genealogy ;
· You have the opportunity to send under diverse forms your contribution to the life of our Association ;
· You will discover the spirit of solidarity of your family.

Our Association is in good health; it is up to you to keep it alive, and to make it progress.

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