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It is in Charente-Maritime, the de-partment formed after the two old provinces of Aunis and Saintonge that we find our French roots. Our common ancestor, Jacques was born in 1604, in L'Ardillière area, neighbouring the village of Saint-Xandre, close to La Rochelle. At the time, as for Catholic concerns, L'Ardillière depended on the parish of Dompierre-en-Aunis, today called Dompierre-sur-Mer. Jacques and his children were baptized in the church of Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens that dates back to the XI th century.

Some time after the siege of La Rochelle by the troops of Cardinal Richelieu (1627-1628), Jacques married Françoise Toureau who gave him seven children of which one daughter died at a young age. The couple cultivated grapevines, and one can see from a contract dated in 1637 that Jacques sold his produce to a Rochelais wine merchant by the name of Hieronimus Bonnevye

In 1645, Jacques Archambault and his family disembark in Québec, probably recruited by Le Gardeur de Repentigny who gave Jacques his land to let, on the heights of cap aux Diamants. Then Jacques received a concession of land in Cap-Rouge, west of Québec. In 1654 he received from the governor de Maisonneuve a gratification and a piece of land in Ville-Marie, which is the first name of Montréal, in the XVII th century.

Jacques' wife, Françoise Toureau died in 1663. After three years of widowhood, Jacques remarried in 1666 Marie Denot de la Martinière, widow of Mathieu Labat whose descendants founded the famous Labatt brewery. Twenty-two years later, Jacques died at the age of 84, and he was buried at the Notre-Dame cemetery in Montréal on February 15, 1688. He was the grandfather of 52 grandchildren, and the great-grandfather of 12 great-grandchildren.
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