Father Yvon Archambault
Priest of the Order of the Missionaries of the St. Apostles

Born in Montréal on October 17, 1940, Father Yvon is the ninth of a family of ten children, headed by Sarah Bélanger and Adélard Archambault. He attended the primary school and then followed the classics stream at the Saint-Jean-Marie-Vianney College of Montréal, led by the Order of the St. Apostles, which was in charge of religious vocations amongst adults and young people.

Yvon decided to undertake theology studies at the Grand Séminaire of Montréal. On May 19, 1968, Mgr Cimichella ordained him priest in the Chapel of the Saint-Jean-Marie-Vianney College. During his studies, Yvon fervently dreamt of becoming a missionary. His dream came true in August 1969 as he left Québec for Cameroun, in Africa. For nine years, he took care of the formation of priests to be. These years were spent in a joyful and sharing spirit as Yvon was discovering another culture as well as a young and promising Church.

This missionary experience prepared Father Yvon for a new mandate, back in Canada, in 1980: upon his return, he was elected General Adviser of the Order. He occupied, from 1984 to 1992, the position of top counselor. Followed a stay in Lima, Peru, where Father Yvon worked as a missionary again. Clerical tasks forced him to come back to Montréal in 1995, sooner than he had planned. He elected General Organizer. His new responsibilities now give to Montréal 1995, sooner than he had planned. He was elected General Organizer. His new responsibilities now give him the opportunity to visit his colleagues active in eight countries and to oversee the emergence of religious vocations and the formation of future priests. Father Yvon still hopes to works as a missionary after the end of his mandate, in 2005. Click here for the Family tree of Yvon Archambault...

Source: Pierre Archambault, Dictionnaire généalogique des Archambault d’Amérique, vol. 6, p. 102-103.

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